Show us your Soul


About the show: 

At this Pole Show in northern Germany it is all about the interpretation and an exciting performance. The topic for this year is THE UNDERWORLDS.

The special thing for this competition is, that the audience and the judge are equal: 

All participants will get points by the judge PLUS the audience will be able to give points as well, via their smart phones. The points of the judge and the audience will contribute 50% of the final decision. 

There will be two shows, one for „amateurs“ one for „advanced“. For each show/divison 7 artist will be selected, 14 in total.

Place 1 to 3 will be selected for each division.



  • Application is open for all kind of person, national and international (min. 18 years old)
  • The application has to be sent via email to info@nordicpoleplays.de to be annouced the latest
  • The registration fee over 32 Euro are due directly with application (only paid applications will be considered) Payment should be made via PayPal with mentioning your name to: info@nordicpoleplays.de (payment is not refundable)
  • when selected as finalist additional 18 Euro will be charged
  • If you are a double or a group each person has to pay the fee
  • Your application need to include the following:
  1. Your full name (name and first name) plus Stage Name
  2. Your birth date
  3. The division you want to apply for (amateur/ advanced) / we keep it open to rate artists up or down in division 
  4. You are an amateur if you have never been placed in a national/ international competition or if only in beginner devision and not give regular shows at public events
  5. You are an advanced if you are an advanced pole dancer and/or already have been placed in a national/ international competition and/or give regular shows at public events and/or teaching pole classes on intermediate level (or higher) regularly
  6. Link to your application video (youtube, vimeo) - your video should not be longer than 3 minutes, videos will only be viewed until max. Minute 3 / it should contain min. 1 min. of Pole Work (Pole Tricks, Floor Flow, etc.) matching with your chosen performance
  7. The video doesn't need to show your planned performance but you are asked to show the style (Contemporary, Power Pole, Heels/Sensual, etc.) your are planning to show
  8. you need to be clearly visible on that video, a group performance if you aply as single is not appropriate. A double video could be okay, if it is possible to identify you clearly. (we keep us open to request another video from you)
  9. Choice of your dance style on stage (e.g. art, contemporary, Heels/Sensual, artistic, hip hop, etc.)
  10. A short description of your interpretation/ theme/ story of your performance
  11. You can only apply for 1 category.



  • It is up to you which dance style you want to show in your performance  (e.g. art, contemporary, Heels/Sensual, artistic, hip hop, etc.)
  • your can perform alone, as a double or group as well
  • Your performance must not be longer than 4 minutes and less than 3 minutes
  • Building up and cleaning up the stage before and after your performance must not take more time than 1 minute
  • There will be 2 poles with 3,3 meter height
  • Following points we ask you to consider for your performance:
  1. You must not take of your top and/or shorts on stage
  2. Pastys are no replacement for a top and are prohibited
  3. G-Strings are forbidden as well
  4. You must not use glitter as confetti on stage, confetti out of paper is possible after discussing this with us
  • After beeing selected as an artist for the show you will receive a form where you should describe your performance (incl. all props, pole mode, etc)
  • afterwards changes of your performance are only possible with our agreement

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